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Hi, my name is Jason and welcome to Survey Detective, I’ve created this website to help you in the process of finding reputable websites to make money online. There are many many great opportunities out there, but it’s important to know who you should work with and who to avoid.

About Me
I’ve been working online and building websites since 1998. I’ve always had an interest in finding interesting ways to earn money with unique small businesses and I enjoy sharing those ideas with people who can benefit from them. I really enjoy the idea of creating small business that don’t cost much to get off the ground. Most of us are part of the 99% so why not help each other out.

While you’re here enjoy reading the content, don’t hesitate to add your opinions and experiences where ever you feel appropriate. If you’ve had experience with any opportunity that you find on SurveyDetective let us know how it went, maybe it was great, maybe it wasn’t so great. Either way you’re opinion matters and we’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading and have an excellent day!




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